How to Stay Motivated Over Winter

As the days begin to close in and everyone is merry with the thought of mulled wine and pigs in blankets, it can get super hard to keep your end fitness goal in sight. But don’t worry, we’ve got a few top tips on how to stay motivated over winter.

Allow Yourself Treats

Depriving yourself completely while everyone else is enjoying themselves is bound to end in a massive Christmas binge that will blow you entirely off track. Instead, give yourself small but regular treats so you don’t feel like you’re missing out, whether that be a glass of red wine with dinner or a mince pie at the weekend.

Find a Fruity Tea You Like

Especially for those who work an office job, it can become part of the routine to down endless cups of tea and coffee to stay warm. Pair that with the occasional hot chocolate run that your colleagues make and you’re in for a hot drink related nightmare. Instead, find yourself a fruity or herbal tea that you enjoy and try to stick to that as much as possible. You’ll be skipping all the extra fat and calories from milk and sugar, while still getting that warming sensation and feeling as though you’re part of the group.

Pick an Indoor Workout

No one likes to run outside when it’s drizzling, freezing and dark. None of us. So ditch the park runs and join a gym, begin home work outs or attend a class. Knowing that you’ll be exercising somewhere warm and dry will make you much more likely to keep it up, rather than being put off by the weather.

Get Good Workout Gear

Similarly, you need to make sure that what you’re exercising in isn’t stopping you. There’s no bad weather to workout in; just bad kit. So if the thought of putting a pair of shorts on and marching to the gym doesn’t appeal to you, it’s the shorts you need to change not the going-to-the-gym part. Invest in some comfortable fitness leggings and a proper jacket to keep you cosy whatever the climate.

Create Healthy Warming Recipes

It’s basic primal instinct that we all crave comfort food in the winter (based on the idea of stocking up for winter, when there would likely be a lack of food). But we’re not cavemen anymore and we can remain in control of our food choices. Plus comfort food doesn’t have to mean lots of pie, buttery mash potato and melted cheese. It can also be spiced pumpkin soup, chicken and mushroom filo hotpot or root vegetable topped meatless shepherd’s pie. Get experimenting and find your new favourites for fewer calories.

Help Yourself Face the Morning

The number one killer of getting up and exercising is the cold, dark mornings that make getting out of bed feel impossible. Give yourself a helping hand! Make sure your thermostat is under control to keep the house toasty and invest in a sunshine-style bed lamp to mimic the rising sun. Then once you’re up, it only get’s easier from there to stay on top of your fitness goals!

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