How to Not Blow It Over Christmas

Christmas can a tricky time to stay on track with your fitness goals, considering the ridiculous amounts of food that surround us all. But enjoying the festive period doesn’t have to mean resulting in a mammoth weight loss goal in the new year. You can still enjoy yourself without going overboard with these handy tips.

Treat Yourself

The first rule is that depriving yourself completely is much more likely to result in you falling off the bandwagon entirely. So make sure you treat yourself. From a social perspective too, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Choose Wisely

Whatever it is that you really enjoy over Christmas, be it a mince pie or a good cheese board, try and make wise choices. So maybe opt for some yule log instead of Christmas cake or choose lower fat cheeses.

Track Your Drinks

When thinking about over-splurging calorie-wise, we often remember to track the calories that we eat but not drink. Don’t forget though that Christmas is rife with high calorie drinks like hot chocolate with cream, baileys and mulled wine. Be sure to factor this in and try and only treat yourself to one before swapping to something healthier.

Load Up On Veg

A Christmas roast is normally made up of turkey, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings (controversial) and vegetables. Considering most people make many different kinds of veg including carrots, green beans, parsnips, red cabbage, brussel sprouts, and more, it’s very easy to fill your plate mostly with these, and just take a little of everything else. This will stop you filling up on high-fat roast potatoes!

Don’t Stuff Yourself

We can all be guilty of it at Christmas time; instead of eating until we’re satisfied, we eat until we’re so full we can barely move. Ditch this mindset and enjoy your Christmas, but don’t overdo it.

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