How to Make a Salad That’s Not Boring

You know how it can be when you’re eating healthily – you can get bored with salad very quickly. But perhaps that’s because you’re not utilising it to its full potential! There’s no limit to what you can do with salads and if you’re bored of eating them then the chances are that you’re making a boring one. Here’s how to make one that’s not boring.

The Base

When it comes to the base, most people seem to reach for lettuce but it has no real nutrition and doesn’t actually taste of much. Instead, go for spinach, kale, or rocket for more nutrients and more flavour. Of course, you don’t have to stick to just leaves either. Mix it up every now and again with quinoa or beans.

The Bulk

Don’t just stick to leaves and chicken.  Pad your salad out with plenty of other veggies in a variety of colours to make your salad not only taste good, but look it too. You also don’t have to always have cold salads; try topping some rocket with roasted Mediterranean vegetables. And don’t forget about fruit too! Fruits like apple, pear, strawberries and figs work really well with a number of salad ingredients.

The Protein

To make sure your meal is balanced, you’ll need to add some sort of protein source. But again, try and vary this! Chicken or turkey may be the obvious choice but venture out into steak, blue cheese, eggs, chickpeas, or fish.

The Texture

All great salads have a little added crunch so throw a few walnuts, pomegranate seeds or pine nuts over your salad. Also, if you use nuts or seeds then you’re getting those healthy fats and brain-boosting power too.

The Dressing

Always always always dress your salad. Whether you prefer a french dressing, balsamic vinaigrette or honey mustard – the possibilities are endless. But be careful not to use too much. You’d be surprised how far a tablespoon of dressing can go once you’ve tossed everything together.

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