Healthy Halloween Treats

Getting into the spirit (pun intended) of Halloween doesn’t have to mean falling off the bandwagon of your healthy eating. Yes, it may be a time filled with chocolate and sweets but there are loads of ways to enjoy scary snacks without a scary amount of calories!

Apple and peanut butter is a year round great snack because it’s got slow release energy, healthy fats and fibre. Make it Halloweeny by sandwiching the peanut butter between 2 apple slices and adding your favourite nuts as teeth. These monster mouths will give you brain boosting goodness and an extra helping of healthy fat.

Hummus not only provides energy but is also packed with protein thanks to the chickpeas it’s made of. Add a little black food colouring or food-safe activated charcoal and then draw on a spiders web in creme fraiche for a spooky twist.

Speaking of hummus, you’ll be wanting some veggie crudites to go with that. Instead of just slicing them up as normal, stand them in some jack-o-lantern peppers for a fun presentation idea.

Everyone loves a good toffee apple at this time of year but all that sugar is never going to be good for you. Instead, try dipping them in yogurt or peanut butter and finishing with a sprinkling of chopped nuts, cacao nibs or flaked coconut. Try apple slices rather than whole apples for easier-to-eat sizes that are already portion controlled.

And what about savoury snacks? Make yourself some savoury protein balls by whizzing up equal amounts of white beans and cashews, a couple of tablespoons of oat flour, and plenty of Italian seasoning, garlic, salt and pepper. Roll the mixture into balls and cover them in your favourite chopped nuts or seeds (pumpkin seeds work well at this time of year) and then turn them into cute little bats using corn tortillas and olive segments for eyes.

It’s often the simplest of ideas that are most effective. We all know that a piece of fruit or a few veggies make a great snack and they have a low calorie content so it’s pretty hard to over indulge. Make them a little more seasonal by turning bananas into ghosts (using small blobs of melted cacao nibs) or by turning satsumas into pumpkins (using a small stalk of celery pushed into the top).

Avocado toast is to Instagram as macaroni is to cheese; destined to be together. And to step the instagrammable quality of your avocado toast up a gear this Halloween, turn it into Frankenstein’s monster! Add cucumber and olive slices for eyes, a red pepper mouth and black olive segments for hair and surgery stitches. Not only does it look great but avocado on wholemeal toast provides slow release energy and healthy fats while the decorations add extra nutrients too.

Eggs are a great snack because they’re full of protein and keep you fuller for longer. Add a little spookiness to devilled eggs or hard boiled ones with black olives cut into the shape of spiders. Creepy and delicious!

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