Have You Heard of LIIT Training?

We all know about HIIT training right? Standing for High Intensity Interval Training, it involves doing a number of highly physical workouts with some breaks in between, to quickly increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism. But have you heard of LIIT?

Standing for Low Intensity Interval Training, this new workout craze is boasting high levels of popularity thanks to its lower risk of injury while still delivering results. The exercises tend to be slower (so no jumping jacks or treadmill pounding) and more controlled. So it’s about training your muscles using heavy weights, resistance bands and pilates-based bodyweight moves to increase the muscle burn without the same levels of cardio. These moves are designed to get you toned, lean and strong but without the stress on your joints.

Although effective, the problem with HIIT (besides joint strain) is that it can also boost your cortisol levels (the hormone responsible for stress) thanks largely to shouting instructors and flashing lights. Because of its more controlled nature, LIIT is more about mindfulness and strength over sweat.

Of course, another benefit to doing LIIT is that building muscle strength can also help with your balance and posture, your control over your own body and even the healthiness of your bones. Exercising in a controlled and calm environment, rather than a frantic and energetic one can also help with your mental health and lead to an overall feeling of calm.

And while you might assume that HIIT is still better for burning fat or loosing weight, LIIT can be just as effective. Type II muscles are the kind built by exercises such as weight lifting and resistance bands and they help to burn body fat and keep your levels low.

This popular new exercise just goes to show that loosing weight isn’t always about jumping up and down or running in circles. Sometimes, a couple of weights are all you need.

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