8 Things You Didn’t Know About Blueberries

You’ve probably heard through the the grape vine (or blueberry vine) that this juicy little blue fruit is somewhat of super food. But how much more do you know (other than that they taste delicious on pancakes)? Here are 8 things we bet you didn’t know about blueberries!

1. They’re high in antioxidants

This is one that you might’ve heard but did you realise that they’re one of the highest antioxidant containing fruits or vegetables? This is because of their high concentration of anthocyanidins (the compound that also gives them their blue/purple colour). These help protect your cells against risk of diseases like heart disease and even cancer.

2. They’re good for your heart

Thanks to the fact that they’re rich in anti-inflammatory anthocyanins (antioxidants) and polyphenols (natural organic chemicals), blueberries support heart health by decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation.

3. They improve cognitive function

As well as being a healthy heart food, they’re also a brain-boosting one. The antioxidants help to relieve our brains of oxidative stress and can reduce the risk of conditions like Alzheimer’s. They also slow cognitive decline and can help with your memory.

4. They’re a good source of vitamin C

Although you may typically think of oranges when you brainstorm foods high in vitamin C, these tiny blue fruits are bursting with the stuff too. This means they’ll give you a stronger immune system and a glowing complexion!

5. They have a low glycemic index

A glycemic index is a measurement of carbohydrates in food and how they affect your blood sugar levels. The natural sugars in blueberries give them a low GI, meaning that the energy is released slowly and you don’t get any nasty sugar slumps. This makes them a great diet food because not only do berries have a low sugar content anyway, but having a few will keep you satisfied for longer.

6. They’re high in fibre

Most fruit and veg is high in fibre, which contributes to a healthy digestive system. But blueberries pack a hearty 2.4g of fibre per 100g serving. So they’ll help to clear your body of toxins and keep things moving healthily.

7. They’re good for your eyes

It’s been a long time that we’ve been using fruit, vegetables and herbs for medical reasons and blueberries number 1 medical use is to improve vision. They help with age-related eye degeneration and can even protect against cataracts and glaucoma.

8. They’re a natural food dye

Foods can be just as much about how they look as how they taste and blueberries give muffins or sauces a very appealing purpley blue colour. It’s so effective in fact that many years ago, people used to boil blueberries in milk to create paint!

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