5 Healthy Eating Myths Banished For Good

Most of us nowadays make a conscious effort to eat healthily 80% of the time, in order to follow a well-rounded and balanced diet. However, with more awareness of eating healthily, there has also come myths and untrue facts. So, we’re here to banish the myths and rumours, to make sure you can get the most out of healthy eating – without the restrictions!

Frozen fruit and veggies have less nutritional value

There is a certain taboo that surrounds frozen food, with many people associating eating from the freezer with creating lazy, less nutritionally dense meals. However, the truth is, frozen fruit, veg and protein rich sources such as legumes and chickpeas are packed with just as much nutrition as their non-frozen counterparts. They are not only super delicious but can make for a quick, easy and vitamin-packed meal, perfect for those busy weekday evenings. Of course, buying and cooking fresh produce when you can is great, but keeping a stash of frozen veggies in the freezer is a harmless part of the food shop which can often make your life that little bit easier.

Juice cleanses are great for ‘detoxing’

Often the phrases ‘cleanse’ and ‘detox’ are bad news when it comes to eating a balanced diet. Our liver’s function is to cleanse and detox our body and so no amount of juices or detox teas should be used in replacement of meals to ‘clear out’ our system. Whilst fresh fruit smoothies and green and herbal teas have plenty of benefits when it comes to our health, ‘detoxing’ isn’t necessary for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Ensuring we eat a healthy range of fruit, veg, carbs and fat will provide us with all the nutrition we need to feel the best in ourselves.

Eating calories at night will make you gain weight

In actual fact, foods are simply just foods and have the same calorie density whether you eat them at 6pm or 6am. The rate at which you gain or lose weight depends purely on the calories in, calories out concept, so you should simply eat at a time that is most convenient or feels best for you. You may weigh heavier or feel a little more bloated in the morning if you’ve had your main big meal just before bed, but this is just your body holding water, not rapid weight gain from eating late into the evening. Eat at a time that feels best for you and your body, whether that’s a pre or post exercise bagel or a big bowl of oats and fruit before you head into the office, or an evening snack of pitta bread and hummus – there are no rules when it comes to your body.

Eating ‘little and often’ keeps your metabolism ticking over

Again, as mentioned in point 3, as long as you’re eating the right amount of calories for your body and trying to exercise at least 3 times per week, when and how you eat won’t relate to weight loss or gain. Some people prefer smaller meals more often as they find they have more energy throughout the day and others prefer three larger meals. As long as they are packed full of essential nutrients and you’re aiming to hit your 5 a day, then the size and frequency of your meals should only depend on what makes you feel at your best.

Cooking and eating healthily is expensive and time consuming

Eating nutritionally dense meals doesn’t require a million cook books, an entire evening and a tonne of different ingredients. If you don’t have the time to follow recipes or perhaps don’t enjoy it, then it doesn’t mean your food has to be bland and unexciting, in order to eat healthily. Nutritional value lies all around us and even a simple sweet potato topped with a tin of beans or a packet of grains and quinoa mixed with tuna and sweetcorn or some mashed avocado spread on rye bread, provides a quick, easy, low fat and healthy meal that fits even the lowest of budgets. Getting a little creative and thrifty with your purchases (such as replacing meat with beans and legumes and freezing pre-prepared meals is also a fantastic way of keeping the cost down. Just give it a go for yourself.

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